Telegraph Hill Festival 2014: Classics on the Hill

Our Aim

To build and sustain a strong sense of community by ensuring that all members of our community are involved in and engaged by the festival

Telegraph Hill Festival is run on a voluntary basis.   No one involved with the Festival is paid.   This voluntary ethos extends to all the performers and creatives involved in all aspects of the Festival.   We try to ensure that there is a mix of free and paid for events to ensure that everyone can participate.


Who we are

Telegraph Hill Festival is a sub committee of St Catherine’s Parochial Church Council.   The Festival was set up by a previous Vicar of St Catherine’s Church and members of the local community.

St Catherine’s Church and Telegraph Hill Centre are the primary sponsors of Telegraph Hill Festival, giving us space free of charge well ahead of the Festival – in the Centre’s case foregoing the rental income it needs to survive – and going the extra mile to accomodate us and ensure that we have everything we need. We couldn’t do it without them.

The festival is run by a voluntary committee and operates on not-for-profit principles. Revenues from ticket sales and bar takings as well as donations are ploughed back into the Festival to ensure a contingency, this allows us to produce the next year’s Festival.


The Festival is organised by the Festival Group which is open to everyone. In 2017 the core team consists of Sanjit Chudha, Tamsin Bacchus, Sarah Willerton, Mark Martynski, Gill Holmes, Mary McInerney, Rima Bray, India Lovett, and Gill Roth.

We are also grateful to all of the local venues, especially St Catherine’s Church, and the Telegraph Hill Centre who work with us to accommodate so many events and put up with having their own activities disrupted.   Likewise Hill Station Cafe and the team there.

We would also like to thank our sponsors without whom we would not be able to stage the Festival.

Finally, thanks to all the volunteers who make the Festival possible: the organisers and performers, bar staff, box office and stewards, programme distributers, prop-makers and technicians. The photographs and videos on the website are also taken by volunteers, including Sophie Stanes, Jay Alix, and John Chase.

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The Festival simply provides an umbrella for event organisers. Responsibility for event content, promotion and emphasis remains with individual organisers. The programme is prepared in good faith by the Festival Group. Some events may change or be cancelled due to circumstances outside our control.

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