Classics on the Hill

The 2018 Telegraph Hill Festival Classics on the Hill was beautiful. Few other words can describe the evening.

Classics on the Hill 2018

Rumi, the 13th Century Persian Poet, Scholar, and Sufi Mystic described beauty thus:

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do

The beauty you see in me is a reflection of you

And throughout the 2018 Telegraph Hill Festival, we have created beauty through moments of togetherness, giving each other space to question our values in changing times, reaffirm them and move forward together.

Classics on the Hill did just that for all of us who were at St Catherine’s Church on Monday 19th March 2018.

As the last chords died away we saw the image of our planet held in space – alone.   And we knew we had to do something to care for it, together, for our futures, and the futures of those yet to come, and for all life on earth.   

The planet we live on is bigger than any of us, and it’s beautiful.   It is our home.

Huge thanks to all the performers, and my friends Ross and Karen from The Projection Studio.

St Catherine's Church, Classics on the Hill at the 2018 Telegraph Hill Festival

Photograph by John Chase


Classics on the Hill – Programme

Bozza   Caprice, op 47 for trumpet and piano


Tchaikovsky String Sextet

Souvenir de Florence” op 70 (first movement)


Schubert   Schubert-Inn Dementia incorporating elements of Die schöne Müllerin with Britten’s Curlew River and Huba de Graaff NSS


I N T E R V A L (Twenty Minutes)

Food (supplied by Masala Wala and The Hill Bakery) and Festival Bar in the Narthex


Arvo Pärt Spiegel im Spiegel for cello and piano

J.S. Bach Fantasia and Fugue in A minor BWV944

Arvo Pärt Cantus in Memorium Benjamin Britten for strings and bell


Concert introduction: Gillian Moore MBE

Piano: Joaquim Badia, Catherine Edwards, Peter Selwyn

Voice: Nigel Robson, Christopher Robson

Violin: Ian Belton, Leon Human, Kit Massey, Fiona McCapra

Viola: Catherine Musker, Ruth Nelson

Cello: Una Birtchnell, Sophie Harris, Lucas Robson

Double Bass: Lucy Shaw, Hamish Nockles Moore

Trumpet: Jon Scott

Percussion: Andrew Barclay

Projection by Ross Ashton and Karen Monid

Film courtesy of Annie Wasdell

We’re hugely grateful to The Projection Studio for their contribution to the 2018 Telegraph Hill Festival

Special thanks to Rosie Wyatt, Sam Hewson, John Whitfield, Patricio Forrester, Sheridan James and, last but not least, Sanjit Chudha and the Festival Team.

St Catherine's Church, Classics on the Hill at the 2018 Telegraph Hill Festival

Photograph by John Chase