Community Arts in 2017

Community Arts are discussed often. But actions speak louder than words. Telegraph Hill Festival is doing a lot, through voluntary efforts, to celebrate happiness and creativity. Get the lowdown!

Community Arts in 2017

Who is really doing something to energise, inspire and build community arts?

Community Arts Festivals like Telegraph Hill Festival are sustaining and enabling people to create, share, show and develop art and community spirit.   We’re motivated by ‘doing’.

The driving, voluntary, and independent spirit of Telegraph Hill Festival is its greatest strength.   In its 23rd year, this is truer than ever.  We invest a lot of time and effort in outreach and nurturing involvement by people across the community.

Everyone volunteers, from organisers and stewards, to people behind bars or the glittering performers onstage.   Telegraph Hill Festival gets no grants.   Instead we plough back the modest profits we make each year back into making the next year’s Festival.   It’s a simple model which means our community spirit isn’t watered down to fit funding criteria, but nurtured, inclusive and allowed to grow.   Together we are stonger.   We celebrate happiness, and togetherness.

Telegraph Hill Festival will take place from  25 March to 9 April 2017, across several locations in and around Telegraph Hill SE14 – from the White Hart and the Innovations Centre to NOAK and The Golden Anchor.   The core large locations of St Catherine’s Church and Telegraph Hill Centre host the majority of events along with Hill Station and The Telegraph.

How does Telegraph Hill Festival come about?   In autumn every year the call goes out to the community – what do you want to do as part of next year’s Festival?   The deadline is the end of January.

The submissions we receive from the local community are what really make the Festival shine.   This year we have seen some remarkable submissions from the local community.   The quality, ambition, scope and variety in 2017 is truly inspiring.

Telegraph Hill Festival 2017 will be a corker of a community arts shindig … take a look


What can we expect in 2017?   Much-loved large scale events such as the Community Production MISPER, Comedy Night, Classics on the Hill, LaLa Piano Bar and many others will return.

Recent favourites like Sonic Imperfections, and Punk Karakaoke will be joined by brand new events like Disco Bingo and Discofest.   There will be an opportunity to dance to the early hours at The Golden Anchor.

Alongside these we’ll also see events focused on people power and pulling together to make change happen, plus explorations of identity and belonging delivered though song, performance, testimony, comedy and laughter by performance artist Ayo Dele.

Alongside these there will be workshops looking at mental health and resilience building for young people and their parents/carers, how we can ‘green’ where we live, and why we need to do it sooner than later and for parents a frank look at sex from the perspective of young people.

The spirit of Telegraph Hill – a part of London on the borders of Zones 1 and 2 – is diverse.   In 2017 the best elements of a village fete will be present and correct with the Cake Competition, Bark in the Park dog show, Craft Fair and Tea Dance.   We’ll also see the The Commie Faggots rousing and raucous satire and the peaceful Songs of Love from India (and Telegraph Hill) by Raheel Husain and his musicians.

  • Visual Arts will find expression in many ways, from art shows in new and unexpected locations, and submissions to the Youth Art competition to Open Studios
  • We’ll have more Dance than before, and we’ll be developing this strand further
  • There will be workshops galore on everything from clean energy and environmenal activism to preparing for retirement
  • You’ll be able to explore the architecture of the area, its radical and social history, and the work of some … ahem … ‘interesting’ local writers on walks through the local area
  • Photography will feature, whether in left-field looks at life inspired by street photography or from submissions by local people.

Telegraph Hill Festival will see community arts at their best – a diverse community coming together to celebrate collective joy and collaboration.   Together we are stronger.

We will continue to try new things one idea being discussed is humanising the discourse around immigration and resettlement, recording these as both audio, blog posts, picture stories and filmed pieces.   These will become available through 2017 after the main Festival.

When will the full programme be published?   Catch it here!

When will tickets go on sale?   Now!  Get them here as they’re shifting fast.

Will there be free events too?   Yes, more than ever in fact.   Some free events may require you to register.   Most events will be completely free and will not require you to make a (free) booking.