Community Production 2017 – Misper

Misper is a fantastical journey through time delivering drama, high tension, and passion. With strong parts for young people, this Opera from the Emmy award-winning and BAFTA nominated local composer John Lunn, will open Telegraph Hill Festival 2017.


Composer JOHN LUNN

Misper begins in 12th Century China, where a philosopher is writing about the future. Managing to blot and burn a page of his manuscript, the philosopher must travel to the future to put matters right . . .

Meanwhile in contemporary England some young people – bored and misunderstood – are up to no good at a railway line: one sprays her tag on a tunnel wall, while another puts a concrete block on the track.   A train is derailed and the driver is hurt.

A police inspector turns up at the school to question the young people.

The ‘tag’ on the tunnel wall has been discovered.

Though its owner is absent, the finger of blame points to her.

The inspector also warns the young people about a missing person, or ‘Misper’, seen in the vicinity: he might be responsible for some fires in the local area recently . . .  in parallel to the official investigation, one of the young women carries out her own search for the truth with devastating results.

This fantastical journey through time delivers drama, high tension, and passion.   Don’t miss it.   Misper will perform at Telegraph Hill Festival over four shows on two days – 25 and 26 March 2017.


Misper - An Opera for Young People composed by Emmy award-winning, and BAFTA nominated local composer John Lunn