Day 11 – Tuesday, 20 March

EQUINOX: Healthy Body – Healthy Soul Day

Join us as we explore healthy living, alternative medicine and preventing ill health.

Taste our Rainbow Salads and Organic Food, experience benefits of chanting and sound baths, meditation, relaxing, therapeutic aroma touch massage, herbal remedies, and experience amazing methods of healing and health restoration such as Craniosacral Therapy, Theta Healing, Access Consciousness, Kinesiology, Acupuncture etc. – all from qualified professionals. You can also purchase healthy vitamins and products and get presents and discounts.

The Rosemary Organic Restaurant, 178 New Cross Road, SE14 5AA



Toilet Training in Toddlers

How do you toilet train your toddler? We look at best practice from nursery experts and how to make it seamless from nappies to toilet without the need for potties!  Toilet training can be stressful for parents and children if not done right.  We look at stress free ways to prepare for this toddler challenge.

BeBright Nursery (above the Hill Station)



Sassy Taster Session

Nutrition and entertainment that helps the environment. Check this fusion of scents and tastes, shakers and laughter! Learn some tips and recipes with raw food and try out a Sassy sauce that make any green leaf taste like Heaven! Available in refillable glass bottles that saves you money and saves the planet! The mood uplift comes as a gift!

The Telegraph, Dennett’s Road, SE14 5LW



Girl in Suitcase Equinox Performance

Esther Bunting – ‘Lady Summerisle’ – invites you to her remote island in southeast London to welcome the arrival of spring. “I will open my heart and melt your mind! With the turning of the season and the shedding of a skin, we let go of old ways and usher in the new.” Celebrate the Equinox with music, performance and life drawing. “Ten years in the life room, frozen in motion – poses extracted from my history. In calling time on agonising postures and outdated attitudes, I will measure your reactions to my truth.” This is a model’s reflection on life as an artists’ muse, interspersed with ancient rites. “Before the night is over, we will look for the audience members to help us construct a very special Wicker Person!” Some drawing materials provided – bring an open mind and a willing spirit!;

Upstairs Room, The Telegraph, Dennett’s Road, SE14 5LW

7:30-9:00pm £8 (£5)

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Music Jam Session

Open music jam session. Blues/Jazz/Rock standards, some avant garde improvisation and possibly some spoken word. Everybody’s welcome. Please bring your own instrument and come and join the fun. Some basic percussion will be provided.

The Hill Station



Speak Up! Poetry Slam + A Rye Look at Life

Bring your words to life at this literary competition. Speak your truth. You can be captivating, thought-provoking, and mesmerising. This is your chance to shine. Email to enter.

The Rye Poets – Helen Adie, Joan Byrne and Pia Goddard – are rapidly gaining a strong following across London at festivals, in art galleries and in their regular residency at the Ivy House in Nunhead. Their potent fast-paced combination of self-penned wit, wisdom and pathos is, uniquely, performed collectively and they number among their fans Jeremy Kingston – former theatre critic of The Times – who said ‘The interacting delivery was something I’d never seen before – outside chorus work in some productions of Greek drama’.

The Coffee Shop, Turnham Road, SE4 2HH

To enter –

8:00-9:30pm £5 (£3)

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