Day 12 – Wednesday, 21 March

Code & Craft – Build Your Own Tech Skills

Whether you want to learn about web development, a specific programming language, electronics using our brand new Hardware Lab, setting up an online business, or something else, this is a space for you to let your creative juices flow.  You can work in a team or alone, for a single session or over the course of many, to learn new skills, build awesome projects and share with others.  You don’t need any skills to attend – just bring a laptop (ideally).  By attending you agree to abide by our Code of Conduct. You do not need to sign up, but please contact Laila Majeed at if you have any questions. (CoD –

220 Margaret McMillan Building, Goldsmiths



Latin Rhythm with Words

Learn cool Latin dance steps and key Spanish numbers and words in rhythm with this vibrant session that comes handy when in holiday, too! Regular Wednesdays are £ 5.00 p/session but this Festival Taster is free of charge! Children over 10 years old can come with an adult. One hour of low impact Latin basic dance steps covering styles such as Bachata, Salsa, Kizomba, Samba and more. Moves accompanied by key Spanish numbers and words making rhythm a tool to remember dance’s language of origin in an enjoyable way! Put on your shiniest top and dance shoes and head to Somerville for a Latin experience on Wednesdays from 6-7pm!

Somerville (SYPP), 260 Queen’s Road, SE14 5JN



Not Only Women Only Pub Quiz

100 years since Women gained the vote* NOT ONLY WOMEN ONLY welcomes everyone (!) to get quizzical with friends and strangers – testing your knowledge of the ‘second sex’ and pledging to end violence against women and girls. Hosts Kerri Jefferis + Sophie Chapman will take you on a playful stomp through history where you may find yourself in shock and awe, riots and diets, stitches and witches, fun and games, sex, pharmaceutical drugs and rock and roll! Bonus rounds, sing-a-longs, awkward fun, learning new things and so much more!

Doors at 6:30pm, quiz starts promptly at 7:00pm. All latecomers will be publicly shamed. Sensational prizes, bar as usual, collection for Sisters Uncut. Some explicit content, ages 18+. Event brought to you by members of Lewisham Arthouse and kindly hosted by The Telegraph.

*Voting was initially granted only to women over 30 years old who were either a member or married to a member of the Local Government Register, a property owner, or a graduate voting in a University constituency.

The Telegraph, Dennett’s Road, SE14 5LW (downstairs)

(Donations accepted)

(for 7:00pm start)

Ale and Oratory

Many of the history’s greatest speeches have been consigned to sound bites. We all know the words “I have a dream”, “the lady’s not for turning” and “we shall fight on the beaches” but have we heard the speech that made those words immortal? Do we know the context in which those famous orators spoke? Over the course of the evening five speeches will be performed live. Each will be paired with a beer by our very own beer expert, Tim Livesey, and preceded by music of the era and a short introduction to the context in which these great speeches were delivered.

waterintobeer Unit 2, Mantle Court, 209-211 Mantle Road, SE4 2EW

7:00-9:00pm £15
(includes five craft beers)

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Book Club Open Discussion Evening

Local author, Guy Ware, returns to the Festival to discuss his new novel, Reconciliation. Part war-time thriller, part exploration of the ethics of storytelling. Reconciliation slips between Occupied Norway and Cambridge, London and the Highlands during the Iraq War and its aftermath. Based on truth but laced with errors and lies, as each layer of the story peels away, we discover just how easily we have been misled. Stories always lie, but sometimes they are the only truth we have. Read the book in advance and Guy will answer any questions you have about it. Or just enjoy the discussion whilst having a drink.

Upstairs Room, The Telegraph, Dennett’s Road, SE14 5LW

7:30-9:00pm £4 (£2)

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Sonic Imperfections at The Telegraph Hill Festival

Sonic Imperfections brings us four cutting edge acts from the field of experimental music.

St Catherine’s Church

7:45-10:45pm £8 (£5)

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