Day 16 – Sunday, 25 March

Palm Sunday Service

A special service with a colourful Palm Sunday Procession through the lower park, two dramatized readings and special music to mark Jesus’ counter-cultural entry into Jerusalem on a donkey. This servant-king challenges notions of power and authority in a way that still resonates and provokes thought. Come and join the crowd. Everyone welcome.

St Catherine’s Church


Open Studios

Local artists open up their studios and homes for special exhibitions. Many items will be for sale. A chance to buy original artwork at affordable prices. Follow links to some of the artists’ own websites.

Bilingual Cake – How Children become Bilingual or Not

The Bilingual Cake explains everyday talk in bilingual families and how parents can enhance bilingual language development of their children even when problems have already developed. The talk is based on over 20 years of work to help children experience harmonious bilingual development.

Many children grow up with two or more languages. It is commonly assumed that children will speak all the languages they hear daily. Unfortunately it is a bit trickier than that. It is a painful experience when children do not become bilingual regardless of considerable effort by the whole family.

I encountered this problem in 1992 while working with primary school children from a bilingual family. Soon I realised that their problems were not unusual. I wanted to find out why some children become bilingual while others do not. I am a sociologist of family, specialised in bilingualism.

I run an ethical business Bilingual Potential that advances every child’s right to learn and use the languages of their parents.

BeBright Training Centre, above the Hill Station

10:00am-12:00pm £3 (£1)

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Ken Loach’s Bread and Roses

Telegraph Hill Labour presents an excellent piece of socialist filmmaking: Ken Loach’s Bread and Roses, a film about the struggle of migrant workers in LA to organise and fight for their rights. The film illustrates contemporary political issues that matter to us – what it means, today, to work in a precarious industry, to be a migrant and to be a worker. The story the film tells informs us of the urgency of the struggle for trade unionism and migrants’ rights.

New Cross Learning, SE14 6AS



Festival Jazz Night

As had become customary in recent years, the Festival Jazz Night hosts a rousing conclusion to the main festival. All the performers live locally, or have lived here in the past. As far as possible, we like to provide opportunities for guest performers, so if you’d like to play or sing, please contact the organiser – – in good time, to avoid disappointment.

The Hill Station

10:00am-12:00pm £8 (£6)

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