Day 3 – Monday, 12 March

Diddi Dance

Free taster session of funky preschool dance classes for girls and boys. Book in advance: 07973 982 790 or

Telegraph Hill Centre, Lounge



Penguins, not Polar Bears

Can you imagine spending a whole year in a hut on the ice, with no radio or phone, or travelling through icy seas on a ship that used sails, not an engine? Over a hundred years ago Antarctic exploration was as dangerous and exciting as space travel today, perhaps even more so! My grandfather, Captain William Colbeck, was one of the earliest explorers of Antarctica. He was a member of the Southern Cross expedition of 1898-1900, which spent a whole year in a hut on the Antarctic continent – the first to do so. Two years later he was appointed captain of the Morning, the ship sent to the relief of Captain Robert Falcon Scott’s first expedition, which had to blast Scott’s ship, Discovery, free of the ice in which it was trapped.

The Hill Station

4:30-5:30pm £2

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Yoga with Roberta

All welcome to come along and try out this friendly yoga practice session for beginners. Displaced for this evening from our usual venue of the Narthex. Please phone Roberta on 07890 630 517 for more information.

St Catherine’s Church



Comedy Impro Night

Is it Improv or is it Impro? Who cares?! But whatever it’s called it’s fresh, spontaneous, unrehearsed – and above all – funny. This year’s Festival sees the return of comedy veteran Stephen Frost and his Impro All Stars, but for the first time in Festival history the whole evening is dedicated to a group of grown adults making things up as they go along and talking utter nonsense.

Telegraph Hill Centre, Narthex

8:30-10:30pm £12 (£6)
(Doors open at 8:00pm)

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