Day 4 – Tuesday, 13 March

Messy Play for Parents and the Under 5s

Children learn from messy play. This session will give you ideas and examples of how to make play fun for you and your little one. We will look at safe ways to engage through messy play. The sensory nature of messy play encourages communication and language as well as physical development and fine and gross motor-skills development. To book a place please phone 020 7732 4747 or

BeBright Training Centre, above the Hill Station



Moving Hearts: a Clay Workshop

Current debates about migration often focus on the divide between those with and those without a right to belong. It is easy to forget the hearts we have in common. Moving Hearts invites you to help make 1000 clay hearts in free workshops held across London between 25 February and 18 March. Workshops are facilitated by Australian artist, Penny Ryan, and no prior experience in art or clay is needed. Each workshop allows participants to share their own thinking about how we are connected to people caught up in the immigration crisis. A procession of fired hearts will happen on Saturday March 24 to become part of an installation at the Migration Museum in Lambeth. Moving Hearts is a collaborative art and research project led by Professor Anna Reading, King’s College.

To ensure a place book via Eventbrite, although some are reserved for those who come along on the day on a first come-first served basis.

Telegraph Hill Centre, Lounge



Learning without Barriers

Have you ever wanted to study something outside School, College or University, set your own learning aims and outcomes and work to your own timescales? Is the idea of around £9,000 per year daunting? Are you nervous to give up work fulltime or part time? If so, or if just interested in learning without barriers, come along and get involved in our initiative. We are local educators and trainers, setting up a study support group. We have access to WikiQuals (qualification), which was set up by academic and learning innovator, Fred Garnett in 2011 with a number of pioneering graduates. The learning aims are self-defined with the help of an affinity partner. The responsibility of learning will be down to the individual but group meetings will be regularly organised. Come along and hear all about it and the possibilities of this new way of studying.

BeBright Training Centre, above the Hill Station



Life Under Trump: Can He Be Stopped?

One year on, Donald Trump has been as dangerous and as racist as we feared. His aggressive threats to use nuclear weapons, the Muslim ban, the huge cuts to welfare, the homophobic, racist and sexist bigotry all threaten, women, gays, black people, anyone he considers to be ‘foreign’, indeed every living creature on the planet. What can young people, school students and sixth-form students in Lewisham do about it? What can be done to stop the global rise of the populist right. This is participatory workshop to discuss ideas and action. Please come along and get involved.

New Cross Learning, 283-285 New Cross Road, SE14 6AS



Relaxing Therapeutic Sound Bath

You are warmly invited to delight in the experience of a therapeutic sound bath, a space in which to unwind and release from daily life.

St Catherine’s Church

7:30-8:30pm £4 (£2)

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The Lost Island of New Cross Road

The junction by the White Hart pub marks the divergence of two ancient trackways – now known as Queens Road and the New Cross/Old Kent Road. Major currents of London history, literature and mythology have swirled around it. It has been the location of a tollgate, and before it vanished beneath the waves of the A2 in 2010, of a traffic island whose toilets were both a grandiose example of Victorian public architecture and a place for illicit encounters. The lost island witnessed bombs, political protests and dreams of a New Cross pirate republic. All of this and more will be covered in Neil Gordon-Orr’s talk, illustrated with maps and photographs – including some images taken by Angel MacMahon in the last days of the island’s subterranean chambers. Neil is the author of Deptford Fun City: a ramble through the history of New Cross and Deptford (Past Tense, 2007).

The Hill Station

7:30-9:00pm £2

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Menopausal Mums: Peer Group Chat

Are you suffering with some Menopausal symptoms? Have you done any research into it? Would you be willing to share and learn from others? This is a peer-to-peer group session for mums who are in peri-menopause or menopause and want to find others going through the same. We will share things we’ve learnt and are trying out. This will be a facilitated discussion. There may be some expert guests (if they’re free).

BeBright Training Centre, above the Hill Station