Day 9 – Sunday, 18 March

Plastic Sunday – part of #DWTD

Through worship, interactive prayer stations, discussions and reflection we’ll be thinking through the spiritual side of plastic pollution and working on some practical solutions. There will be special groups for children at the same time as the church service. St Catherine’s is always open to everyone – card carrying Christians, spiritual seekers, hard-core atheists – there’s a space for everyone to contribute. On Festival Sunday, we try to make that welcome extra loud and extra clear – come and join us as we think through reducing our plastic footprint together.

St Catherine’s Church



Telegraph Hill Jumble Trail

A bonanza of pre-loved and hand-made items, sold by local people outside their homes. Some will be using this as an opportunity to raise money for local charities and organisations, others primarily to enjoy a good declutter.  A map of participating households can be collected from the Hill Station or downloaded.  If you live locally and wish to take part, you can register – here.

Outside houses shown here


All day

Radical New Cross: History Walk

Goldsmiths historian, Dr John Price, invites you on a walking tour exploring the radical history of New Cross featuring some of the area’s most impressive buildings and radical figures. Discover how local events shaped national debates and resonated globally, featuring radical preacher Rev. Arthur Tooth (1870s), secret WWI conscientious objector trials (1910s), the Battle of Lewisham (1970s) and the New Cross Fire (1980s).

Meeting point confirmed when booking


Sassy Taster Session

Sassy taster session! Nutrition and entertainment that helps the environment. Check this fusion of scents and tastes, shakers and laughter! Learn some tips and recipes with raw food and try out a Sassy sauce that make any green leaf taste like Heaven! Available in refillable glass bottles that saves you money and saves the planet! The mood uplift comes as a gift!

St Catherine’s Churchyard



Lith Prints by Arek Golosz

Local artist Arek Golosz will be exhibiting a selection of his handmade lith prints, especially selected for the Festival at Telegraph Hill beer shop, waterintobeer. These will include prints from the streets of London, Lisbon, Toulouse and more, plus live music prints including from BRÅK improv nights (see event listing for 17th March) at waterintobeer. Lith printing is a process using traditional black and white photo paper combined with “lithographic” developer. This process usually results in high contrast, black shadows, delicate highlights and coloured mid-tones. Lith prints tend to have a very gritty/grainy look in the lower mid-tones and shadows. Lith printing can breathe a whole new life into an everyday image. It’s almost impossible to obtain two exactly same prints and that makes every print so unique. There will be free beer for everyone visiting the exhibition.

waterintobeer Unit 2, Mantle Court, 209-211 Mantle Road, SE4 2EW



Make an Appliqué Cushion: Part 2

Create a unique and beautiful hand embroidered and appliqué cushion at a two-day workshop for adults. The short course is taught by Joni McDougall, award winning textile and mosaic artist. All materials provided.  Places are limited please book in advance – and click on the Eventbrite button on the right-hand side of the home page.

Besson Street Community Garden

FREE, but need to book


Walking with Booth: Deptford 1899

Goldsmiths historian, Dr John Price, invites you on a walking tour exploring Victorian Deptford through the eyes of social investigator Charles Booth and his famous poverty map.  In the late nineteenth century, Charles Booth undertook a systematic investigation of the social, cultural and economic conditions that shaped Londoners’ everyday lives.  A striking feature of Booth’s work were the Maps Descriptive of London Poverty, where one of seven colours were attributed to individual streets depending upon the level of poverty of the inhabitants; yellow for the wealthy, down to black for the vicious and semi-criminal.  Drawing directly from Booth’s original notebooks, Dr Price will take you on a partial re-creation of one of the walks around Deptford in 1899.  Walking the route today not only provides a valuable opportunity to reengage with the historical context, it also highlights the developing and ever-evolving nature of the modern city.

Meeting point confirmed when booking


Create a Luscious Edible Hanging Basket

An opportunity to learn how to create long lasting and luscious edible hanging baskets that billow with herbs and other edible plants. From the best soils to use, to the best way to use water retaining granules, to the best plants to use for your particular space, this workshop will be rich in learning. Christina Podziewska, one of our wonderful gardeners at Besson Street, has years of experiences in creating and maintaining beautiful gardens, just waiting to share with you. All materials provided but we are asking a £5 (£2.50 concession) contribution towards materials.  Places are limited please book in advance – and click on the Eventbrite button on the right hand side of the home page.

Besson Street Community Garden

2:00-3:30pm £5 (£2.50)

An Introduction to Bee-keeping and the World of Bees

A chance to find out more about the world of bees of and the basics of bee keeping. In this 90 minutes workshop you will get the opportunity to learn some fascinating bee facts, handle a live hive and gain knowledge in some of the basics bee keeping. Camilla Goddard, of Capital Bee, will be running this workshop. Camilla teaches bee keeping courses at Besson Street Community Garden and all over London, alongside managing apiaries across the Capital.  Places are limited please book in advance – and click on the Eventbrite button on the right-hand side of the home page.

Besson Street Community Garden

FREE, but need to book


Create the Big Green Game – part of #DWTD

Calling all actors, artists, techies, games-makers, scientists, writers and activists: A workshop for ‘designers’ (over 16s) to pool their skills to create an immersive game event to be played outdoors by the community in June. The ultimate aim is to help people find ways of lightening their footfall on the planet and take action on air quality, wildlife habitats, food/diet, renewable energy, plastics/waste and social disconnection. Afterwards you may want to commit to help produce the game, to repeat it in other communities, or to develop other creative ideas for community action. We also aim to create a visual display and online stories about the Big Green Game. Come to develop skills and make good things happen!

BeBright Nursery

(above the Hill Station)



Southwark Sinfonia Family Concert

Southwark Sinfonia is bringing its favourite Family Programme to the Telegraph Hill Festival this year. You will be guided through the beloved works by Prokofiev and Saint-Saens: a concise introduction to inner-work of the music with orchestral demonstration. The children are then invited to conduct the orchestra. After a short interval, when our musicians mingle and introduce the children to the various orchestral instruments, the narrator will then lead you through the complete performance of the programme to the original texts by Prokofiev and Ogden Nash.

St Catherine’s Church

5:00-6:30pm £8 (£5)

(Doors open at 4:30pm)

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Penguins, not Polar Bears

Can you imagine spending a whole year in a hut on the ice, with no radio or phone, or travelling through icy seas on a ship that used sails, not an engine? Over a hundred years ago Antarctic exploration was as dangerous and exciting as space travel today, perhaps even more so! My grandfather, Captain William Colbeck, was one of the earliest explorers of Antarctica. He was a member of the Southern Cross expedition of 1898-1900, which spent a whole year in a hut on the Antarctic continent – the first to do so. Two years later he was appointed captain of the Morning, the ship sent to the relief of Captain Robert Falcon Scott’s first expedition, which had to blast Scott’s ship, Discovery, free of the ice in which it was trapped.

The Hill Station

6:00-7:30pm £2

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Tastes of London: A Scented Tasting Supper

Some 270 nationalities, speaking 300 different languages, are represented in this glorious melting pot of a city. This evening celebrates a handpicked sample of the culinary traditions of Londoners across the years who moved here and made London what it is today – a melange of cultures and cuisines, a fabulous global mash up of wonderful worldwide food and drink. Drinks are not included in the ticket price, but you are invited to BYO (Bring Your Own). Alternatively wine by the bottle is available from a limited Festival bar.

Meet in the Telegraph Hill Playclub, Lower Park

(separate entrance off Erlanger Road)

7:00-10:30pm £25 (£15)

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