Meeting Notes

Notes from Telegraph Hill Festival public meeting 27 November 2017

Festival Meeting 27 November 2017

We had an open Festival meeting on Monday 27th November 2017.   The meeting was attended by 14 people, with apologies from a further 3.

Overall – Review of 2017, looking ahead to 2018 + action points.

Good news in terms of revenues, also the way that costs are being managed, and how publicity is helping to reach all part of the community.

The Festival is now twice the size it was in 2013, showing exponential growth since 2015. This is evidenced not just by bookings, but also anecdotally by the people present at events, and the types of events being put forward by the community.

Excellent progress on reviewing policies which govern Festival activity (health and safety, safeguarding, data protection etc.) – these will be cascaded in distilled form to all event managers with inductions for volunteers and stewards.   Growth of Festival makes this review timely.

Telegraph Hill Festival Meeting – minutes 27.11