Food and Drink

Over the last few years we added and then refined our food offering. In 2019, things are getting better still.

Drinks at Telegraph Hill Festival

The Festival bar is committed to promoting local enterprises and zero to landfill. The Festival bar is committed to promoting local enterprises and zero to landfill. Our range of beers, larger and cider are exclusively sourced locally from:

  • Brockley Brewery– brewing great beer and lager just down the road; committed to paying a living wage; sourcing energy from 100% renewables; supporting Shelter, Help Refugees, Cancer Research and Marie Curie
  • Ignition Brewery– located in Sydenham – employing and training people with learning disabilities to brew awesome beer – a not for profit company paying a living wage
  • Telegraph Hill Cider– a local start-up brewing in Brockley – using apples from the home counties
  • Our gin (Little Bird)–  is from another local start-up – brewing in Peckham

We use either recyclable plastic or glass (that we lovingly wash up and re-use) – please help us by bringing your own reusable cup, and by taking your bottle or tin home with you and putting it in your recycling bin!

The profits made by the bar contribute to funding the Festival and to giving back to the community spaces that we use.

We are aiming to handle as little cash as possible so, if at all possible, pay by card.

Please drink responsibly (whilst at the same time spending large amounts of money at the bar to help our local community)

Food at Telegraph Hill Festival

The Festival is pleased to announce that we have teamed up with some wonderful local food suppliers to provide food at many of our events.

Hill Bakery

Purveyor of excellent artisan breads, farm-made cheeses, exceptional wines and a whole host of other lovely things to eat and drink

Masala Wala

Award-winning Pakistani home cooking from a family-run restaurant in Brockley Cross


Italian home cooking served every Wednesday and Saturday at the Hill Station Cafe

Flock & Herd

Award winning free range meat, poultry and charcuterie, and home of London’s Best Sausage