Pictures tell stories

Why not make a virtue of the diverse ways of looking at where we live?
Ducks at Telegraph Hill Park

Pictures tell stories

Pictures tell stories more easily than words.   And we all look at things differently.

We’ve decided to make a virtue of diverse way of looking at where we live AND also create new ways of taking part.   Here’s how …

  • Submit a picture or two to to the Festival calendar
  • Images should be of the local environment, or comment on it in some way (they can be images of buildings, wildlife, views … )
  • The calendar will be sold as a fundraiser, with all funds after costs going to the Festival
  • The calendar will include key dates coming up later in the year
  • We hope that the Festival calendar will be available from Autumn 2017

How do I submit a picture?   Take a picture of the local area and submit it via here

The Criteria:

  • You can submit as many images as you wish

  • Images should reflect local environments and address issues like nature, environment and eco-sustainability

  • The images will be used to create a Telegraph Hill Festival calendar, with proceeds from the sale of the calendar, after costs, going to Telegraph Hill Festival

  • You will be asked to give permission for your image to be used in this way as part of the photograph submission process

  • The images which feature in the calendar will be voted on in an online poll and at a couple of workshops later in 2017 (details of this will follow)

Take a picture of the local area and submit it via here

Ducks at Telegraph Hill Park

Ducks at Telegraph Hill Park – Winter 2014