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What’s on as part of the 2017 Telegraph Hill Festival?

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  • 6.5 Obstructions on Tuesday 28th March – cancelled due to unforseen circumstances
  • Short Stuff moves from Thursday 30th March at The Telegraph, to Tuesday 28th March at Hill Station – book
  • Resilient Carers! Part 1 & Part 2, Saturday 1 April- Dealing positively with stress can greatly improve your health! This interactive & inspiring programme designed for all unpaid carers living in and around Telegraph Hill provides strategies to build resilience and confidence to help cope with modern day stress, challenges & fears. This is especially useful for carers who want to stress-proof themselves & those for whom they care.
    • Developed and delivered by a registered health professional in stress and anxiety resolution on behalf of Carers Lewisham.
    • Only 15 free places available so participants must book early and attend both workshops
    • Feedback from previous participants: My confidence has increased; I now think of the connection between stressful  situations and my physical response; I connect with my children & family more; I am more aware of my resources & the  strength within me; I now laugh more; Thank you for your positive encouragement
    • Book by emailing: cathy@carerslewisham.org.uk


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