Annus Horribilis

A Year in the Life - a story of tears ... tears of laughter!

A Year in the Life (Annus Horribilis)

Get the lowdown on The Flying Sirens latest comedy cabaret, A Year in the Life (Annus Horribilis).

The Flying Sirens are Comedy Cabaret duo Beth Hayward and Freyja Westdal

Beth and Freya are ‘middle aged women who should know better’. They are proud-ish residents of South East London.  Telegraph Hill Festival is delighted to be hosting them again after their debut at last year’s Festival.

The Flying Sirens show ‘A Year in the Life’ (Annus Horribilis) comes to Telegraph Hill Festival on Monday 27 March at Hill Station Cafe, Kitto Road, SE14 5TY – BOOK NOW

What’s the day job? 

Beth Hayward

Beth Hayward was a professional actress for 18 years until she remembered to have children. Since then she has spent the last 18 years wondering if she ought to have remembered to have chickens. Over time she has built a career developing communication skills workshops for some lovely clients, and some not so lovely. She lives in London with her long suffering husband who is apt to refer to her affectionately as “That Lying Machiavellian Trollop.”

Freyja Westdal

Freyja Westdal, ex waitress, ex ballerina, ex actress, ex agent, ex stage school proprietor,  EXPENSIVE. Freyja hails from Winnipeg in Canada and moved to the UK to go to Guildford School of Acting in 1981  After a varied career, these days the most important things to Freyja are her dogs and she has learned some life lessons from them. Now when she gets stressed about something,  if she can’t eat it or pl

Together they are…unstoppable…or maybe that should be unstable!

How did The Flying Sirens come about?

Well, we have known one another for so long that we decided it was time to test our friendship to its limit.

Seriously though, we both missed the performing parts of our lives, but didn’t want to be subject to the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune so we decided to form “The Flying Sirens”. We can write, direct and decide if and when we want to share our cynical MAWOPW (Middle Aged White Over Privileged Women) view of the world.

What can we expect from this years show?

This year’s show is called A Year in the Life – or Annus Horribilis because we wanted to give the last year a Horribilis kick up the Annus!  We’ll be talking and singing about everything that happened over the last 12 months from losing Bowie to gaining Brexit, from Theresa May AKA The Snow Queen to the 45th president of the USA AKA TrumpleThinSkin.

Can laughter change the world?

Very much so if you’re sitting in a planning meeting with a major client when someone spectacularly trips over their briefcase and you happen to be in possession of a weak pelvic floor! Oh, sorry!  You mean can it make a meaningful change in society? Er…well let’s hope so and then maybe 2017 can be a little bit better for all of us.

Beth Hayward and Freyja Westdal

Flying Sirens postcard 4