Youth Art Competition: Winners

The standard at this year's Youth Art Competition was astonishingly high. Find out who the winners were.

Youth Art Competition Winners

Find out who the Youth Art Competition winners are.

The standard at this year’s Youth Art Competition was astonishingly high.   As with much of the 2017 Telegraph Hill Festival, a renewed sense of energy and quality permated all the work submitted.  Thank you to everyone who entered the competition.

The 2017 Youth Art Competition Winners

Category 1 – Ages 4 to 8:

First – Maria Evangelista Fernandez

Second – Rosa Dye-Wain

Third – Kate Rooney-Douillet


Category 2 – Ages 9 to 12:

First – Willoughby Baars

Second – Gabriel Carr

Third – Lola Starbuck-Fletcher


Category 3 – Ages 13 to 16

First – Eleanor Cocks

Second – Ellie Vong

Third – Eli Roberts


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